TRNDThe Real Network-Dialogue (German word of mouth marketing company)
TRNDTherapeutics for Rare or Neglected Diseases
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TRND staff select qualified contract research organizations to provide services supporting certain TRND drug development projects.
Under TRND's collaborative operational model, project partners form joint project teams with TRND and receive in-kind support from TRND drug development scientists, laboratory and contract resources.
"It is wonderful that TRND scientists and their collaborators can advance such promising projects that may have otherwise remained stalled due to a lack of scientific or fiscal resources."
As it develops new treatments, TRND conducts research aimed at improving the drug development process.
Collins was particularly excited about five instances in which NIH is using this new model of helping "de-risk" the drug development process for orphan or neglected diseases through TRND. These include four rare diseases (Niemann-Pick disease type C, hereditary inclusion body myopathy, sickle cell disease, and chronic lymphocytic leukemia) and one neglected disease (schistosomiasis).
The TRND was funded at $24 million in fiscal year 2009.
AaAaAa On the TRND ZONE, 6 channel samples collected over a length of 22 metres, returned low values in gold.
In both sets, we include a linear trend variable (TRND) to capture the long-term trend in wages.
Instead, the emerging trnd is toward bilateral cooperation agreement such as those between the United States and the European Union, Canada, Australia, Germany and more recently Japan, Israel, and Mexico.
As noted by Kaiser, DP/MIS personnel conform to this wider trnd. If this is the situation, organizationally focused career planning is likely to be ineffective.