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The Authority asserted that safeguarding TRNs, passwords, and email addresses are the legal responsibility of the registered businesses while typing centres have no legal obligations in that regard.
With the new app users can verify the Tax Registration Number (TRN) of the seller to make sure they are registered with the Tax Authority.
They can also verify the Tax Registration Number (TRN) of the seller to make
The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has confirmed that businesses do not need to present a tax certificate to conduct commercial activities and can use their provisional Tax Registration Number (TRN).
We hypothesized that the tACS at theta (6 Hz) during the task might reduce errors and reaction times in comparison to sham and tRNS stimulation.
du has launched a simple online process to collect customers' official Tax Registration Numbers (TRN), as issued by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).
[similarity.sub.ij[right arrow]ki] = ((W (trns) x [([band.sub.ij[right arrow]ik]).sup.-1]) + (ins (trns) x [([[alpha].sub.ik]).sup.-1])) (7)
The presented scheme takes low-entropy TRNs as seeds, without requiring special circuitry, and produces random numbers that passes well-known randomness test suites.
"We started looking at not just how to attract transitional registered nurses (TRNs) into aged care, but what we could do to build the workforce after the first year, to retain them."
UNITED NATIONS (TRNS) - China and Vietnam took their escalating territorial dispute in the South China Sea to the U.N.
, Storio Do Mogor (Trns.) William Irvine, London, John Murry, Vol, III, , pp, 54-59