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TRNSYSTransient Systems Simulation Program
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Similarly, a quasi-dynamic simulation model in TRNSYS was developed to analyze the performance of PTC for a direct steam generation [13].
Development of TRNSYS Models for Predicting the Performance of Water-in-Glass Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heaters in Australia.
Atsi?velgiant i literaturos ap?valga da?niausiai moksliniuose tyrimuose taikomos EnergyPlus ir TRNSYS modeliavimo priemones.
The performance of the system was testified using TRNSYS simulation studio.
The model parameters are recognized by the genetic algorithm, and the sampling data for the recognition is derived from TRNSYS. Finally, the model is used in a case study to predict the indoor operative temperature and the cooling load of both radiant terminals and ventilation system.
As for the validation of the model, its purpose is to define the value of the correlation coefficient for evaporation (a,b) and the coefficient of the relation between evaporation and heat loss by convection (cv), simulated using the trnsys tool and taking a and b from different correlations in various literature, and cv from bowen's research [39].
Statistical analysis includes the ARX model, EModel, Energy-signature and Finish load model, and the energy simulation program based approach includes the DOE-2, TRNSYS, ESP-r and Energy-Plus based approaches.
An approach to the simulation of PCMs in building applications using TRNSYS, Applied Thermal Engineering 25(11-12): 1796-1807.