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TROTemporary Restraining Order
TROTrusted Root Object
TROTriple Rule Out (cardiology)
TROTraffic Regulation Order (UK)
TROTamil Rehabilitation Organization
TROTranstrochanteric Rotational Osteotomy (surgery)
TROTechnical ReadOut (gaming)
TROTrouts (FAO fish species code)
TROTriennial Review Order (FCC)
TROTricare Regional Office (Military Health System)
TROTempel Riddare Orden (Swedish: Order of the Knights Templar)
TROTraining and Readiness Oversight (US DoD)
TROTransitional Recovery Office (FEMA)
TROTherapeutic Recreation Ontario
TROTax Refund Offset
TROTrip Reduction Ordinance
TROTotal Retirement Outsourcing
TROTotal, Relaxed Organization
TROTransportation Officer
TROTax Recovery Officer (India)
TROThyroid-Related Orbitopathy (ophthalmology)
TROTruck Route Order
TROTechnical Reviewing Office
TROTest Requirement Outline
TROThomas Register Online
TROTailored Readiness Options
TROThreat Reduction Operations
TROThe Refined Obligation (band)
TROToro Peak, California (earthquake reporting station)
TROTeam Rallye Ouest (French automobile racing association)
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The TROs issued by the courts, however, tend to derail the implementation of the infrastructure projects for years, according to the President.
Among providers capable of servicing TRO arrangements-bundling DC, DB and NQ plan services together-only 6.
FORSCOM has already anticipated this scenario and has provided guidance for transferring TRO duties during deployment.
He added that the Supreme Court should reconsider the TRO on subdermal contraceptive implants Implanon and Implanon NXT.
Therefore, the Chief Justice could very well have issued a TRO in G.
I was taken aback because I'm being attributed to have recommended (the TRO) because the TRO says, 'upon recommendation of the member-in-charge' and I was the member-in-charge,' De Castro said.
One reason to consider TRO is that the vice president of HR and chief financial officer are generalists doing a hundred different things," says Chris Cumming, senior vice president of DC markets for Great-West Retirement Services in Greenwood Village, Colorado.
The existence of the incident of changing the contents of the TRO will be testified by Associate Justice Teresit De Castro herself.
Ralph Sarmiento, Puentevella's legal counsel wo confirmed the highest court's denial, saying that the TRO is already moot and academic and has already served its purpose, so, it has no effect on the Mayor's case.
Simply stated, TRO is about leverage: leveraging the expertise of a trusted partner across a broader range of disciplines, leveraging the combined assets of multiple plans to achieve a more cost-effective result, and leveraging your time and energy by coordinating your retirement plan needs through a single point of contact.