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TROFFTypesetting Run Off
TROFFTypesetting Runoff (Unix)
TROFFTrace Off
TROFFThe Rulers of Fantasy Football
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As the culminating product, the "troff " software, produced by AT&T's Bell Labs research division, was a vast improvement over its ancestors.
FTP users are likely to find ASCII files, word-processing files, PostScript files, DOS and Apple files, hypertext stacks, troff files, SGML files, and TeX type-setting files, among others.
Thus troff, tho, bow and thru were born and it's been a slippery and steeper slope ever since.
This is certainly a big improvement over earlier computer-based text formatting systems such as troff, in which there was no obvious relation between the document's appearance on the screen and what was produced by the printer, and it took many trials to get a new document to print properly.
Having converted millions of pages to and from SGML, FrameMaker, Ventura, Miles, troff, WordPerfect, Xyvision, and numerous other publishing systems, we sometimes think we've seen it all.