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TROGTasman Radiation Oncology Group (Australia/New Zealand)
TROGTest for the Reception of Grammar
TROGTwo Regiment Old Grad (US Military Academy Prep School)
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TROG 03.06 and VCOG PR 01-03: The << Timing of androgen deprivation therapy in prostate cancer patients with a rising PSA (TOAD) >> collaborative randomised phase III trial.
During this time period, the Frozen Niagara and the Historic tours were the most popular ones (n=158 / 40%; n=147 / 37%, respectively), while the Trog (n=12 / 3%) and Focus on Mammoth tours (n=4 / 1%) were least attended.
When describing the goal, for example, he cycles through different descriptions of the erring player's mindset that might account for his unintended shot, enacting the narrator's moments of deliberation with white spaces: Edson advanced and stooped academically correctly to gather the ground shot with his body behind it, some demon chance gremlin trog thought took over in Mull's mind that he could stop it himself and accordingly stuck out a boot.
Love always Janet, Trog and Emily xxx COCKERILL Alf You are beside us in all we do, Your love and guidance will see us through.
The introduction immediately clarifies the issue by identifying the Australis Suckola as 'a most extraordinary species of Australian gum nut (that) cavorts up, down and around on the big gums growing along the great Murray River.' It also introduces their antagonists--'the hairy, Bore-toothed Australian Trog', an ugly species that originates and matures inside brown beer bottles discarded in the Australian bush.
In the Test of Reception of Grammar (TROG; Bishop, 1983), children are shown four pictures and the investigator reads a sentence.
And mightn't Trog be as good as it gets as a name for an ogre?
"I spent the best part of five years living and looking like a trog," admits Hannah, saying she spent so much time styling celebrities that she neglected herself.
The gap was filled by new artists, beginning with Ralph Steadman (May 1962), followed soon after by Michael Heath, Trog (Wally Fawkes) and Timothy Birdsall (who had both had cartoons censored at the Spectator), and Barry Fantoni.
"The sports facilities will be contained in a city-wide sports centre and students from Sidney Stringer will have to trog across there to PE lessons, which to me raises safety risks as it's not an enclosed school site.