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TROGSTrail Riders of Greater Stanislaus
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Those Plaid Cymru trogs want One to be the LAST Prince of Wales.
The reality is, we're just weak-willed, greedy trogs who love scoffing hydrogenated fats while we watch Corrie, but that doesn't sound as exciting.
In the movie, his character sings Love Is All Around Me by The Trogs - judging from this snap, we can see why.
Street lights illuminate the zig-zag paths to the front doors, TV aerials peep out of the rocks and today's trogs garage the Mercedes in a cave.
"Our father would always read fantasy stories about trogs and pixies and so we naturally loved the story of Peter Pan.
The session J was already heated when we arrived, with both seasoned swamp trogs and younger kids getting some.
Several dogs barked, warning the "Trogs" that we were there.
Bunch of Trogs! In fact, they probably put that thing so far back there that it's right up against the wall.
Where are all the not-yet-total trogs, but not still bling-bling homies?