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TROITotal Return on Investment
TROITransparent Remote Operating Interface
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"One must get out of the humiliating position in which one is placed; one can't live a trois."
"Et les trois demoiselles du premier banc?" said she.
Likewise, as soon as ever roulette was drawing to a close and the head croupier had called "Les trois derniers coups," most of them were ready to stake on the last three rounds all that they had in their pockets--and, for the most part, lost it.
You receive an impression of these things at the excellent inn of the "Trois Couronnes" and are transported in fancy to the Ocean House or to Congress Hall.
I hardly know whether it was the analogies or the differences that were uppermost in the mind of a young American, who, two or three years ago, sat in the garden of the "Trois Couronnes," looking about him, rather idly, at some of the graceful objects I have mentioned.
He adds that the wasp, in order to find the road, every now and then made "demi-tours d'environ trois palmes."
In another story line Troi's sister-in-law, Carla Robinson Singleton, is having marital problems.
Trois policiers sont tombes", a explique une source.
Ceux qui les auront observes ou sont en possession d'informations concernant ces trois individus recherches, sont appeles a en informer les unites de la surete aux numeros de telephone suivants :
Il s'agit de la troisieme reunion des ministres des Ressources en Eau et de l'Irrigation, de l'electricite, qui se tient a Khartoum et devrait publier une "communique commune" a la fin de la reunion entre les trois pays.
Selon l'organisation, "trois d'entre eux ont eu des contacts avec des cas precedemment confirmes d'infection au MERS-CoV".