TROKAThird Republic Of Korea Army
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Troka brings her extensive background in higher education academics to Northwestern College.
Hamoos dalan (clearing the way), loke dalan (opening the way), tuku odamatan (knocking on the door), or konese malu (knowing each other) are some terms for the first ceremonial meetings, while hatama antra or troka prenda (gift exchange), when the affines transfer a substantial, previously agreed-upon portion of their prestations to each other, is the last event before the Church ritual.
(24) Thompson, as quoted in Annabelle Willox, 'Whose drag is it anyway?: Drag kings and monarchy in the UK', in Troka et al.
The incumbent, who would be appointed by the European Council by qualified majority, with the approval of the Commission and the assent of the European Parliament, would receive direct mandates from the Council for issues relating to CFSP, would have a formal though not exhaustive right of initiative within the Council - the Representative's initiatives would not be subject to the College's prior approval - and undertake the external representation of the Union in place of the current Troka. This European Representative would however wear two hats since he would also be a member of the Commission, in preference a vice-President, and as such would present proposals to the College and participate fully in its decisions.
Timo Alakotila might not be a familiar figure in the UK, but he's a member of JJP, Troka and Aldargaz, three of Finland's most popular folk groups.
Co-founded in 1999 by drag king and academic Donna Jean Troka, IDKE has always taken a brainiac approach to gender performance.
The 362nd Signal Company, 41st Signal Battalion supports CSCT #3, which works with TROKA at Yongin, Korea.
The Drag King Anthology, Donna Troka, Kathleen LeBesco and Jean Noble, eds.