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TROLLTransmitter and Receiver Of Laser Light
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After targeting a victim, the troll then banks on the cost and uncertainty of patent litigation to extort an unwarranted monetary settlement.
If companies are acting like the bridge troll in the Three Billy Goats Gruff, why cant some of the most brilliant minds agree on ways to curtail these modern-day trolls?
The Kanin are a different tribe of trolls that live in the Kanin Kingdom.
IFA's battle against these litigious ogres has not been limited to Washington, D.C, More than three dozen pieces of state legislation aimed at combating patent troll abuses have been filed.
The troll is thrilled to find himself living with the girl's clean, well-mannered parents.
Every day, little Oliver goes to the shops and every day, the Troll repeatedly fails to catch the slippery eel of a boy, who is just too fast and too clever for this blue lump.
Their business is extracting licensing royalties by threatening litigation; hence the label, "patent troll."
The troll posted a tweet reading: "[Denise] was to blame.
As she approached the troll's cave, Adele's snow spikes lost their grip on a patch of ice.
Day after day, in a calendar tutorial for the picture book's little readers, Daddy Troll turns up with the human du jour--Postman Pie, Teacher Tart, Policeman Porridge, etc.
The spare tubing hangers will be utilised on several parts of the Troll field.
Nasty, provocative and always dogged, the troll lurks among the scum of the worldwide web, playing his part in the digital ecosystem.