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TROMPTravel Responsibility Outreach and Mentoring Project (traffic project; Cambridge, MA)
TROMPT. Pallidum Rare Outer Membrane Protein
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News featuring TROMP, a creature with the characteristics and goals of President Trump and his Administration's agenda to "Make America Great Again.
Individuals who were honoured include Nico Tromp of Namibia who is a founding member of the Namibian Stock Exchange, chief patron of the Voortrekker youth movement and chairman of the Selfhelp trust created for the promotion of Afrikaans culture in Namibia.
Sebastiano Tromp sj, segretario della Commissione teologica che dal 5.
That is an unlikely scenario and any real thought that Tromp will have the concentration or staying power to ran, the willingness to mix it up with real people or to be taken seriously by them is unlikely.
The helicopter, stationed on the Dutch frigate HMS Tromp which is anchored
RESALES have started at the Tromp Soho, according to Curbed.
ART Liska: Specialising in artistic murals and paintings in different styles from Tromp d'oleil to Pompeian.
The Dutch based Tromp group has opened a sales office to serve the bakery industry in the UK and Ireland, and appointed Robert Done as general sales manager.
The Dutch frigate HNLMS Tromp last week disrupted five pirate groups in the Indian Ocean.
His boss Nico Tromp said "They say that lightning never strikes twice but it did here.
Helmsman Mr Robinson and his two colleagues received the award for the part they played in the rescue of three crew members of the stricken Scarborough-based trawler the Admiral Van Tromp which had been wrecked off Black Nab one-and-half-miles off Whitby on September 30, 1976.
Tromp and Davis discovered that designing 'race tracks' captured the attention of a class of Year 5 students and resulted in substantial mathematical learning through the exploration of a variety of representations.