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TRONthe Realtime Operating System Nucleus
TRONThe Real-Time Operating System Nucleus
TRONTrace On
TRONTarget Recognition Operator Notification (System)
TRONTaipei Representative Office in the Netherlands
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TRON: Uprising premieres in the US on Disney XD on June 7.
Please include 'Tron' in the subject of your email.
QUESTION: Which actor reprised his role as Kevin Flynn for this sequel to Tron? A) Jeff Goldblum B) Jeff Bridges C) Geoff Capes The first two correct entries drawn at random will receive the prize as offered.
TRON is comprised of Lumitex' patented thin and flexible fiber-optic-woven cloth cut to military specifications.
"The TRON I system was first tested at the Team Patriot exercise at Volk Field, Wis.," Turner said.
Both theaters were built to produce revenue, and Ettore Tron's letter of 1580, in which he stated that he had rented palchi to half the nobles of the city and taken in some 1,000 ducats, suggests that the first season was a success.
The Tron theater was located on the site of the present garden of Palazzo Albrizzi, at the intersection of the Rio San Cassian and the Rio della Madonnetta, on the western edge of the parish of San Cassiano.
Adding Tether to its blockchain enables TRON to greatly elevate its existing decentralised applications (DApps) ecosystem, improve overall value storage, and increase Decentralised Exchange (DEX) liquidity.
This collaboration between Tether and TRON is a significant milestone for the two projects and further advances the potential of decentralised finance.
Mr Tron's resignation appeared to be damage control as Mr Sarkozy primps his image for a likely re-election bid in the presidential race in a year's time.
"Tron: Legacy" starred Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn, the son of Kevin Flynn, played by Jeff Bridges who originally played Kevin Flynn in the original "Tron." Olivia Wilde also starred in "Tron: Legacy," playing the artificial being, Quorra.