TROOTotal Respect Of Others (youth anti-racism group)
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He signed himself "your troo lover, Cyrus Brisk" and added in a postcript that he couldn't eat or sleep for thinking of her.
it is troo. old Joe Mosey and Leon were playing cards one nite last week in the woods.
NB: Troo is available from Holland & Barrett, PS4.99 for 227g.
Troo Porridge+ Launching: August 2019 Manufacturer: Troo Foods Targeting 'mood food' shoppers looking for a gut-friendly way to kick o the day, prebiotic brand Troo Foods launched a new line of 'gut nourishing porridges' this month.
David Langley, chief operating officer at the Chamber said: "We see this alliance with troo as something that will really add value to our members, as well as helping us attract new members as a result.
TROO LEGEND Skipper Wayne Rooney celebrates with Ross Barkley
los espanoles por Hispan, e a los asirios por Asur, e a los hebreos por Heber, e a los persas por Perseo, los armenios por Armenio, los troyanos por Troo, los alejandrinos por Alejandro, e los romanos por Romulo, etc.
Iustitia vero hominem perficit in ordinem ad alium, dum ab troo, quod plus iusto habet, accipit et alteri, quod minus iusto habet, tribuit, vel quando diversa diversis proportionabiliter secundum merita distribuit, et sic semper inter diversos aequalitatem constituit".
Now evri-bady look pahn dah big brute good, dehn Billy ans Spegle really staat tooh laff fih troo. Yuh sih, Wash Palm crab gah ih egg pahn ih belly an dehn nuh tase nice.
And she, heady from Scotch, said then: "Ned Beaumont chall retorn to lovely Corrie, troo dark streets, lust flaming troo heem!" And then Miss Delamonde sat ...
These facts will not satisfy anyone in TROO. But our political system has only a shaky grasp of representation by population; and the rural ridings will continue to be served, as they are now.
Similarly, long first-mora accented *aa were raised to oo in open syllables (further raised to uu in NP), resulting in the following forms: SP: troo, NP: truu< *traa 'three'.