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TROPETrial Ocean Prediction Experiment
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While Trope provides samples, she does not explore them fully, leaving the reader to ponder their complete impact and meaning for the industry and the consumer.
In addition to this cursory recasting of the biblical Isaac in the form of the trope teacher, Potok also literally inverts the fate of the contemporary personality upon which the figure of Benjamin Walter is based: the German-Jewish philosopher Walter Benjamin (1892-1940), who took his own life in order not to be apprehended by the Nazis.1 Just as all of the Jews killed in the Holocaust may be seen, through the fictional Benjamin's eyes, as stand-ins for Isaac (Zapiski), so may the fictional Benjamin Walter be seen as a reenvisioned avatar of the real-life Walter Benjamin.
In the third photograph, we see the addition of the "Zionism equals Nazism" trope to the project of repudiation and exclusion of Jews.
The basic trope, as presented in Clotel's story, is comprised of three elements: 1).
By November 2008, Trope was "an unhappy, frustrated Republican," she said, ready to see the Bush administration depart after its limited-government rhetoric gave way to growth in federal spending.
The "journey trope" receives further, less metaphorical treatment, in A.
Monophonic Tropes and Conductus of W1: The Tenth Fascicle.
Trope is Britney's third lawyer in less than a week.
Iuliia Liderman's monograph examines three tropes of Soviet cinema--labour, war, and love-through their incarnations in Stalinist, Thaw, Stagnation, and post-Soviet films.
The unifying trope and the point in which all the various texts and discourses meet is found in the construction of the mother as a hybridizing woman who joins with the dominant culture and gives birth to the new--"third"--culture and race.
The question is whether gay audiences will embrace the character's complexity or reject her as nothing more than the resuscitation of a time-honored trope.