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TROSATriangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers (Durham, NC)
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1) name and addresses trosa municipality 202100-2957 thong sweden contact person: Inger edman e-mail: Inger.
Many of the 2,800 islands around Trosa are populated by artistic communities - it's where the locals have their summer cabins.
TROSA operates a highly structured and disciplined program from several facilities in Durham, and accepts substance abusers with one condition: they must have a strong desire to change their lives.
Firstly, Nykoping where there has been an urban settlement at least since the 12th century, and secondly, Trosa that received its town rights in 1383.
Meanwhile, a report commissioned by the Cabinet Office on the operation of agencies from a seconded French civil servant, Sylvie Trosa, identified a system of blurred responsibilities between agency heads and departments to the extent that neither could be held accountable.
The Fraser Report in 1991 (Efficiency Unit, 199 1) and the Trosa Report in 1994, a paper containing the reflections of a French civil servant who had been in the Cabinet Office on secondment) both drew attention to the fact that civil servants at the top of departments had still not learned to adapt their behaviour to fit the new devolved framework.
The donation of eighteen recessed shower trims and housings, a $600 value, helped TROSA put a three-week estimated completion date on refurbishment.
The transaction comprises mainly industrial properties of a total of 110,000 square metres in Fagersta, Katrineholm, Kumla, Norberg, Norrkoping, Sigtuna and Trosa in Sweden.
Trosa found that a considerable cultural gap" had arisen in some departments, with [agency] executives often believing that the department's management is a bureaucratic obstacle, and departments viewing agencies as little fortresses following their own aims regardless" (1994, 6).
Works in Trosa municipality and Trosabygdens buildings and homes.
He also serves as a board member at the non-profit organization TROSA, which helps people recover from drug and alcohol addiction and operates the state's largest state-licensed residential therapeutic community.