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TROSATriangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers (Durham, NC)
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(7) Rijec trosa zanimljiva je jer je premetnuta (satro [right arrow] trosa) i ceka je novo premetanje, cime ce se vratiti >>na pocetni polozaj<<.
Many of the 2,800 islands around Trosa are populated by artistic communities - it's where the locals have their summer cabins.
Lisa Finlay does not adhere to one clinical approach alone in her work at Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers (TROSA), a therapeutic community (TO) for men and women in North Carolina.
"ATCOM worked with us to find the best communications solution to fit our needs," said Kevin McDonald, TROSA president and CEO.
Firstly, Nykoping where there has been an urban settlement at least since the 12th century, and secondly, Trosa that received its town rights in 1383.
Experience with agencification in other countries has shown that a disdain for centrally-imposed red tape may become ingrained in agency culture, eroding the willingness to comply with those laws and regulations that still apply to the agency (Price Waterhouse 1993, 6; Trosa 1994, 6; Boston 1996, 222-23; U.
In the words of Trosa, this calls for a type of contractualism that moves beyond strictly specified legal arrangements toward a model where all parties (including clients) agree on all important processes, outputs, and outcomes (p.
Meanwhile, a report commissioned by the Cabinet Office on the operation of agencies from a seconded French civil servant, Sylvie Trosa, identified a system of blurred responsibilities between agency heads and departments to the extent that neither could be held accountable.
The Fraser Report in 1991 (Efficiency Unit, 199 1) and the Trosa Report in 1994, a paper containing the reflections of a French civil servant who had been in the Cabinet Office on secondment) both drew attention to the fact that civil servants at the top of departments had still not learned to adapt their behaviour to fit the new devolved framework.