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TROTTherapeutic Riding of Tucson (Tucson, AZ)
TROTTrail Riders of Today (Maryland)
TROTTechnical Rescue Operations Team
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He took a silent trot, after that, for a minute or two.
'There's nothing,' said Toby, breaking forth afresh--but here he stopped short in his trot, and with a face of great interest and some alarm, felt his nose carefully all the way up.
But Toby, not hearing it, continued to trot backwards and forwards: musing as he went, and talking to himself.
A well-timed action, as it happened; for finding the letter in one of them, and being by that means reminded of his charge, he fell, mechanically, into his usual trot, and trotted off.
"But a real horse is alive, and trots and prances and eats oats, while this is nothing more than a dead horse, made of wood, and used to saw logs upon."
'Trot,' said my aunt in conclusion, 'be a credit to yourself, to me, and Mr.
Avoid those three vices, Trot, and I can always be hopeful of you.'
"How is Uncle Henry?" she enquired, after a pause during which the horse continued to trot with long, regular strides.
To the furious gallop had succeeded the fast trot, and that had sunk to what might be scarcely called a trot at all.
Her costume and Dame Trot's are so elaborate, and during a wonderful first half rap performance by these three artists, joined by Dave Ainsworth's King, I witnessed dozens of young rappers rising from their seats.
Harley-Davidson Middle East director of operations Lisa Schlensker said the company was proud to be part of this long tradition of the Cherry Tree Trot.