TROVTelepresence Remotely Operated Vehicle (robotic vehicle for space or underwater exploration)
TROVThrust Recovery Outflow Valve (aircraft)
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"But if you want to disrupt the market, the likes of Trov and Lemonade can do that because they're able to raise massive amounts of money."
Trov has now expanded into Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Michigan, Tennessee and Washington, DC.
Munich Re's Digital Partners provides underwriting capital for Trov.
United States-based Waymo, a self-driving vehicle company, has collaborated with Trov, an insurance start-up.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: Policy Genius, Brolly, Worry + Peace, Metromile, Trov, Bought By Many, Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Knip
The first, transient over-voltage (TrOV) is a test to verify the effects of the DER system on overvoltage on the area EPS.
EcoSense Lighting EcoSense Trov: EcoSense Trov is a one-of-a-kind LED lighting platform that allows for unparalleled freedom in lighting design.
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That problem is the subject of a white paper from ACE Private Risk Services, the HNW specialty insurance business of ACE Group, and Trov, a Silicon Valley-based company that offers cloud-based, tangible-wealth management software.
"Breakthroughs in Managing Tangible Assets: Completing the Picture of Wealth," a white paper from ACE Private Risk Services and Trov, explores issues surrounding tangible asset management and presents seven steps to address these issues.
US mobile app developer Trov Inc said it had finalised its Series B round of financing boosting its total capitalisation to USD6.8m (EUR5.1m).
He was a passionate reader, especially of military history: A favourite childhood book was History of Trov's Destruction.