TROWALTrough Of Warm Air Aloft (Canadian aviation/meteorological term)
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Walther Trowal developed the THM 300/1 specifically for small, delicate or thin-walled cast work pieces like, for example, aluminum or zinc die-castings with diagonal dimensions of between 20 and 150 mm (about 0.8 to 6.0").
Walther Trowal developed these new machines specifically for treating high-value components requiring extremely careful handling for the complete finishing process.
Moreover, the newly established process development lab, equipped with a range of different finishing machines, now offers American customers the possibility to test the Walther Trowal equipment with their work pieces directly in the United States and to optimize their finishing processes.
That is one of the reasons, why Walther Trowal developed the SZ-Plus control panel for the CB model range, which will be introduced to the public at the Euroguss 2018 exhibition.
Walther Trowal recommended a model BB75 Burr Bench machine complete with the appropriate type and size of ceramic media and compound to suit this application.
Walther Trowal is the first supplier of mass finishing equipment who brings a new line of TT centrifugal disk finishing machines to the market with spinner and wear ring completely made from polyurethane and a rinsing system for the gap between spinner and stationary work bowl.
Walther Trowal has developed the new drag finisher line M-TMD for processing work pieces requiring perfect surface finishes.
ISPC Walther Trowal has introduced the Rotamat Coating Drum; designed for the uniform coating of mass-produced small parts.
Walther Trowal offers a range of polishing pastes or powders containing minerals with different hardness values and initial grain sizes allowing a wide spectrum of polishing applications on all kinds of materials.
With the newly developed fast cutting plastic media "trowalplast HDC" Walther Trowal offers a product that is ideal for grinding and surface smoothing of metal work pieces, especially die-castings.
The Rotamat, manufactured by the Walther Trowal Company of Grand Rapids, MI, uses PLC controlled tumble spraying technology, developed to eliminate these coating issues and help manufacturers regain their competitive edge.
They currently use a number of Wheelabrator Group vibratory finishing machines from their Walther Trowal range for deburring and finishing Chain Side Plates and Rollers.