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TRPATahoe Regional Planning Agency
TRPATexas Recreation and Parks Account (grant program)
TRPATahoe Regional Planning Authority (est. 1969; Stateline, NV)
TRPAToronto Role Players Association (Ontario, Canada)
TRPATexas River Protection Association (Austin, TX)
TRPATexas Revised Partnership Act of 1994
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polyedra AA sequences with high similarity to TRPA and TRPV were also identified.
The TRPA's stated mission is to "lead the cooperative effort to preserve, restore, and enhance the unique natural and human environment of the Lake Tahoe Region" (1) The Code of Ordinances adopted by the TRPA regulates land use, density, rate of growth, land coverage, excavation, and scenic impacts.
Constitution, Nevada and California created the TRPA to coordinate and
38) The lot owners asserted that various TRPA regulatory restrictions on development of sensitive lands in the Tahoe Basin, on their face, prevented them from building homes on their land--at least for a temporary period of time--thereby unconstitutionally "taking" their property in violation of the Fifth Amendment.
89) Therefore, it held that the moratorium constituted a categorical total taking under Lucas (90) and ordered TRPA to pay damages for the taking.
The Court limited its discussion to the claim that three actions taken by the TRPA, Ordinance 81-5, Resolution 83-21, and the 1984 regional plan, constituted takings of the petitioners property without just compensation.
The compact provided that the TRPA would adopt such standards and ultimately adopt an amended regional plan that implemented and maintained those carrying capacities.
Tragically, the very day the TRPA passed the ban, yet another 13-year-old boy was killed when his jet ski broadsided a powerboat on Lake Tahoe.
TRPA considered implementation of Best management practices (BMPs) by all property owners as a key element in accomplishing this mandate.
In case of rain, TRPA wants to make sure there won't be any runoff down the mountain and into the lake.