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TRPIT. Rowe Price International (financial company)
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As per policy, airlines with regular public transport licences are required to ensure three planes for domestic flights and five planes for international flights, while TRPI licence-holders will be allowed to maintain two aircrafts for commercial flights and one plane for private charter services.
Yet, white program founder and Executive Director Jim McCorkett supports the results of the TRPI research concerning Latinos, he believes the financial aid information gap is part of a larger problem.
In a little over a decade, there will be a massive retirement of Baby Boomers--who will take their place?" said Pachon of TRPI. "We really have a problem facing America's competitiveness in the world."
households own a computer--a 17 percent increase.(33) The Hispanic Computer and Internet Study (HCIS), conducted in February 1998 by the [Tomas Rivera Policy Institute (TRPI)], reveals that (30 percent of Hispanic households now possess a computer, an increase of 17 percent since 1994, the same as the increase for the nation as a whole.
According to the new policy, a new type of license will be introduced known as tourism promotion and regional integration (TRPI), in which helicopter services are included.
Dalsi zdroje jako napriklad Shah [20] obsahuji-ci statisticka data souvisejici s chudobou, uva-deji, ze v rozvojovem svete priblizne tri miliardy lidi, coz je temer polovina svetove populace, "trpi nezamestnanosti a ziji za mene nez dva a pul dolaru na den." Dle databaze rozvojovych indikatoru Svetove banky (World Bank Development Indicators), ktera uvadi procenta lidi na svete na ruzne urovni chudoby, zije okolo 80% lidi za mene nez 10 dolaru na den [18].
* Odvetne utoky mohou vyvolat radikalizaci clenske zaklady teroristicke skupiny ci jejich potencialnich privrzencu, zejmena pokud pri nich trpi civilni obyvatelstvo oblasti, kde teroriste operuji a kam je odvetny uder smerovan.
Razlika u odnosu na (1)a jest u tome sto je subjekt infinitivne recenice u (2)b ergativni/agentni ('Iva dopusta nesto'), dok je u (1)a pasivni ('mrlja trpi nesto'), ali mehanizam preoblikovanja putem infinitivizacije odvija se na jednak nacin, te rezultira istim formalnim shemama u recenicama s infinitivnom konstrukcijom.
The purpose of this Tomas Rivera Policy Institute (TRPI) report is twofold: to provide an analysis of the enrollment trends for African American and Latino students among graduate professional programs in the fields of medicine, business, law, and public affairs, and to present other relevant data pertaining to African American and Latino students in graduate education.
In the TRPI surveys, education always ranks as number 1 or number two.