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TRPM2Testosterone-repressed Prostate Message 2
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Duloxetine Reduces Oxidative Stress, Apoptosis, and Ca(2+) Entry Through Modulation of TRPM2 and TRPV1 Channels in the Hippocampus and Dorsal Root Ganglion of Rats.
TRPM2 channels mediate acetaminophen-induced liver damage.
Vitamin E modulates oxidative stress and protein kinase C activator (PMA)-induced TRPM2 channel gate in dorsal root ganglion of rats.
(24) The TRPM2 channel was the first redox-sensitive TRP channel to be identified.
Since ROS production and K+ efflux are common steps of NLR/caspase-1 complex activation, we hypothesized that TRPM2 negatively regulates LPS-ATP-induced caspase1 and caspase-1-dependent pyroptosis through modulating ROS production and K+ efflux.
Diabetes enhances oxidative stress-induced TRPM2 channel activity and its control by N-acetylcysteine in rat dorsal root ganglion and brain.
In ECs, TRPM2 (transient receptor potential melastatin 2) is regarded as the principal channels for the store-operated entry of [Ca.sup.2+] ions [109].
Divalent copper is a potent extracellular blocker for TRPM2 channel.
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