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TRPSTrichoRhinoPhalangeal Syndrome
TRPSTrigger Point (myofacial pain)
TRPSThomson Reuters Pricing Service
TRPSThe Rock Poster Society (Oakland, CA)
TRPSTalyllyn Railway Preservation Society (Wales, UK)
TRPSTasman Regional Policy Statement (New Zealand)
TRPSTime Reporting and Payroll System
TRPSTemperature Regulating Power Supply
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These North Korean channels exist like garbage dumps, they have great TRPs thanks to the money they pump into distribution, marketing and manipulating TRP numbers.
For example, the study of Llamos-Ramos, R., et al [5], presented statistical significance of p-value of p <0.01 to 0.001 and using Cohen's d and the same data, the results favor DN to Trp MT but at a trivial level that is not significant.
The airing of opinions is the cheapest way to fill a broadcast hour; ranting anchors score the highest TRPs. This reinforces the motivation to engage in sensational speculation, however baseless, as has occurred in Sridevi's case.
The WHO TRPs are meant to assist drug developers in identifying important drug regimen features and aligning these with patient and programmatic needs at a country level.
Taking together the clinical and particularly the radiological findings, the correct diagnosis of trichorhinophalangeal syndrome (TRPS) was achieved.
Rolt, sought to prevent the railway's closure and scrapping and, thanks to the generosity of Lady Haydn Jones, the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society (TRPS) (the first such organisation in the world was allowed to take over the running of the line.
Both Gen Singh and Rini agreed that the Goa float always attracted the highest TRPs and maximum applause.
The raising TRPs are for sure the result of the dedication that each and every actor is showing in the show.
The first section, consisting offive chapters, covers important topics about the neurophysiology of the phenomenon of TrP. In particular, the first chapter focuses on the neurophysiology of myofascial pain, referred pain and TrPs, and the pathophysiology ofTrPs.
It is only Salman who could get the show amazing TRPs. Salman is also happy with the production team and has signed to do the next season," a source close to Salman told
Pricing Partners, which is a software developer and provider of over-the-counter (OTC) derivative pricing analytics and services for the financial sector, will join the Thomson Reuters Pricing Service (TRPS) of Enterprise Content, a business unit of Investors at Thomson Reuters.
He joined the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society (TRPS) in the 1950s, soon after it masterminded the world's first takeover of a working railway by enthusiasts.