TRQTesting Requirements
TRQTechnical Requirements Document
TRQThe Rottweiler Quarterly (publication)
TRQTariff Rated Quota
TRQTegan Rain Quin (Canadian singer-songwriter)
TRQTear-Down Request Queue
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The three main components of a TRQ are the first-tier or in-quota tariff, the second-tier or out-of-quota tariff, and the quota itself, which limits up to which quantity the lower first-tier tariff is applied.
Mean two-month THI and TRQ scores decreased from 46 to 31, and 40 to 21, respectively.
231 million tons of raw sugar and 25,954 tons of refined sugar from TRQ countries.
Take steps to encourage timely shipment of the higher level of TRQ sugar, ideally through a first-come, first-served procedure.
Significant clinical success, defined as the percent of patients reporting a 40 percent or greater improvement in TRQ score, was 86 percent for the Neuromonics group, compared to 47 and 23 percent for broadband noise and no sound stimulation groups, respectively.
beef at 15 % within the TRQ and 55 % outside the TRQ;
In regards to poultry, Russia has agreed to fix a TRQ of 250,000 tonnes for frozen boned chicken and 100,000 tonnes for frozen boneless chicken, with the in-quota import tariff fixed at 25 percent.
As far as Indo-Canadian ties were concerned, Nath said: "We have included Canola Oil under the existing (Tariff Rated Quota) TRQ, thereby, reducing the tariff.
In reaction to the increased TRQ, Mexico said it would allow into the country an equal amount of U.
The allocation of the TRQ was presented to the CBI Ambassadors in Washington on July 19, 2000 and they, subsequently, will make an official presentation/submission to the Office of the U.
All patients showed improvement in the TRQ and THQ quality of life measures by the end of 12 weeks, and all but one patient showed improvement in the BDI measure.
In August 2012, Sri Lanka had requested the Indian government to relax the TRQ condition for fabric sourcing of 5 million pieces of Ready Made Garments (RMG) to India and for collaboration in textiles sector for the revival of textiles industry in Sri Lanka.