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TRRTest Readiness Review
TRRTransportation Research Record (Journal)
TRRTowarzystwo Rozwoju Rodziny (Polish: Society for Family Development)
TRRTotal Rate of Return
TRRTarget Ranging Radar
TRRTransaction Reply Report
TRRThéâtre Romain Rolland (French theater)
TRRTears Run Rings (band)
TRRTrail Ridge Road (Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA)
TRRTotal Recordable Rate (OSHA)
TRRTotal Radioactive Residue (food science)
TRRTaiwan Research Reactor (research reactor sold to Taiwan in 1969 by AECL; closed in 1980s)
TRRTime Resolved Reflectivity
TRRTime to Reliably Replenish
TRRTeheran Research Reactor
TRRTechnical Readiness Review
TRRTuckerton Railroad (New Jersey)
TRRTest Requirements Review
TRRTactical Range Recorder
TRRTest Result Report
TRRTemple Reading Room (Rugby School Library, Warwickshire)
TRRThermal Radiator Rotation
TRRTrinity Rack (Korg)
TRRTeam Ram Rod (gaming)
TRRTest and Research Reactor
TRRTidewater Rabbit Rescue
TRRTest Requirements Report
TRRThe Reed Review (website)
TRRTemporary Residence Records
TRRTachycardic Rate and Rhythm
TRRTraining Requirements Report
TRRTotal Effort Reduction Ratio
TRRTrees, Rocks, and Ruins (Stargate SG-1 TV show)
TRRTarification Routière de Référence (French: Road Pricing Reference; transport cost)
TRRTime-Resolved Radiography
TRRTurbine Runback Relay
TRRTransient Reward Rate
TRRToowoomba Road Runners (Australia)
TRRTransmission Requested Range
TRRTraining Resource Requirement
TRRTotal Recall Reports
TRRThunderRockRadio (online classic rock radio station)
TRRToilet Ring Remover (cleaning product)
TRRThe Rittenhouse Review (Philadelphia, PA)
TRRTree-Ring Research
TRRThe Royal Rogues (gaming clan)
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We've been all over the TRR before, for five years, in fact.
1, TRS and TRR premium payments will only be accepted by automatic payment via a debit/credit card or electronic funds transfer.
UN), majority owner of Canadian car collision repair services firm Boyd Group Inc, said it had taken over US collision repair company The Recovery Room of Central Florida Inc, or TRR, for USD7.
The TRR Series is the first commercially available lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) battery capable of eliminating passivation effects that can hinder battery performance.
The Vanguard Series 2 RC and Mark V TRR RC rifles come with a SUB-MOA guarantee and a factory-shot target signed by company President Ed Weatherby.
After a TRR salmon is brought on deck, a crewman slices its head off, removes the guts and inserts a hypodermic needle attached to a seawater pump into the fish's dorsal aorta, the major artery that moves oxygenated blood from the gills throughout the body.
The TRR produces isotopes for the medical sector and it was first supplied
TRR might become, like SUV, an acceptable and recognizable acronym.
Beginning April 29th, the IR TRR is making aggregate market information available to the public summarizing the notional amounts and trade count by product type in USD; by currency in local currency and USD equivalent; and by tenor for each product type.
ISIS issued a report last week saying, "ISIS calculates that Iran has already stockpiled enough 20 percent LEU [low enriched uranium] to run the TRR for 5-to-10 years at 5 megawatts thermal and 10-to-20 years if the reactor operates at 3 megawatts thermal, its current power level.
Gray-area Reservists can use the DS logon to access the web-based Reserve Component Purchased Tricare Application to qualify for and purchase TRR.
Fitch Downgrades 24 Classes from 9 TRR CLOs on Secondary Loan Price Declines' (Feb.