TRRLTransport and Road Research Laboratory (UK)
TRRLTactical Retention Recovery Lanyard (firearms)
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Estimating Air Pollution From Road Traffic: A Graphical Screening Method, TRRL Report SR 752.
The TRRL research showed the aggregates used at black spots tended to be polished and lost skid resistance over time due to heavy traffic.
There are two types of rubber used, the Four-S (slider 96) rubber which simulates a standard shoe sole and the TRRL (slider 55) rubber which can be used to test barefoot areas or unusually rough surfaces.
The Transport and Road Research Laboratory Supplementary Report 377 (TRRL 377) was the beginning of sewer defect coding using the WRc method.
Further to The Tile Association seminar Kemtile are having the tiles re-tested and the results will be published on the website at Tile Test TRLL Rubber Four S Number Test Rubber Test R10 1 39 39 R10 2 34 43 R11 1 44 48 R11 2 48 45 R12 1 48 54 R12 2 45 42 TRRL satisfactory and BS8204 10.5 is minimum 40 Four S Rubber satisfactory is minimum 35 Sample Area Load Crushing no.
Male and female car drivers: Differences observed in accidents (TRRL Report LR761).
Our data come from a two-year study of unlawful driving behaviour, which was funded by the Transport and Road Research Laboratory (TRRL) and recently completed by the authors.(1) Its main aims were to broaden knowledge about the extent of unlawful driving and the nature of its links with accidents, and to explore drivers' motivations for breaking and adhering to traffic laws.
2) with the TRRL wheel tracker for temperatures up to 60 [degrees] C.
Osinube and Thomas [24] found that combinations of 8% cement and 4% BA produced significant improvement in soil strength but still did not meet the criteria of 1710 kPa strength for use as base materials suggested by TRRL. Earlier work cited adopted trial and error combinations of lime and BA, and the strengths reported were low.
Burrow, OSCADY: A Computer Program to Model Capacities, Queues And Delays at Isolated Traffic Signal Junctions, TRRL Report, vol.