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TRRSThe Red Rose Society (UK)
TRRSTip Ring Ring Sleeve (audio connector)
TRRSTime-Resolved Raman Spectroscopy
TRRSTriangle Radio Reading Service
TRRSTime-Resolved Reflection Spectroscopy
TRRSTree Rock River Sun
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* Establish rules and provide tools for managing components through the time domain to ensure established TRRs are met and physical inventory levels are maintained to meet readiness requirements
It is also based on market demand-pull logistics, which creates architecture where physical inventory (buffer) levels and related maintenance processes at intermediate and depot activities are based on actual real-time demand (pull) in the time to reliably replenish (TRR).
In some cases however, reduction of TRR is not cost effective, or no level of TRR reduction will lead to an inventory level to meet current allowances.
The standard TRR, in calibers .223 Rem, and .308 Win., is built around the short Mark V action.
The TRR short action is fitted with a heavy, 22-inch barrel in what Weatherby calls its No.
In recent years, the enterprising firm of Black Hills Ammunition, located in Rapid City, S.D., has been producing superb match ammunition in several calibers, including the moly-coated, 168-grain match ammunition I selected to test the Weatherby TRR. As do other manufacturers, Black Hills uses the proven match bullets made by Sierra and Hornady in its ammunition.
It just happened that on the days I was able to take the TRR to the range, the weather was miserable--cold, with a strong, gusty wind and occasional snow flurries.
Overall, Weatherby has done an outstanding job with the TRR. It is accurate, reliable, easy to shoot well, fast and dependable in operation.
5(a)(1) of the Federal Trade Commission Act...."[12] As discussed above, neither the Federal Trade Commission Act nor the FTC's TRRs mention unconscionable acts or practices.
D, numerous FTC TRRs prohibiting practices designated as unfair, or unfair or/and deceptive, while appearing not necessarily deceptive.
Other FTC TRRs include the rule on disclosure requirements and prohibitions concerning franchising and business opportunity ventures (16 CFR 436; prohibiting representations to prospective franchisees as to levels of sales, income or profits without possessing and making available substantiating material); the rule on mail or telephone order merchandise (16 CFR 435), and the rule on use of negative option plans by sellers (16 CFR 425).
All FTC TRRs specifically discussed above were in their current form prior to that date.