TRSETwice Refocused Spin Echo (magnetic resonance imaging)
TRSETheory and Research in Social Education (National Council for the Social Studies)
TRSEThe Royal Society of Edinburgh (UK; also seen as RSE)
TRSEToken Ring Switching Engine (3Com Corp.)
TRSEThe Realm of Sailor Energy (anime fan website)
TRSETechnical Regulations and Standards Engineers
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Needed redexes can be determined (efficiently) for orthogonal TRSes that are (strongly) sequential; see Huet and Levy [1991] and O'Donnell [1985].
It is customary in graph rewriting to restrict to left-linear TRSes, in which left-hand sides of rewrite rules do not contain multiple occurrences of the same variable.
Since the complications related to the implementation of conditions are orthogonal to the matters investigated in this article, we only consider unconditional TRSes. Finally, we focus on first-order terms.