TRSGThe Robin Shepherd Group
TRSGThe Rada Sjögreen Group (Boynton Beach, FL)
TRSGTechnical Reference and Support Guide (resource)
TRSGTexas Rambouillet Superior Genetics (breeding group)
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TRSG stands for The Recruitment & Support Group which, according to its website, provides "recruitment solutions to clients searching for quality employees and individuals looking for career opportunities".
TRSG *teravakse > teravaks); 1SGPRIND *kavelen >> kavvelen 'I walk' (cf.
In 1982, trsg joined an ecumenical coalition of churches in Tucson called the Tucson Ecumenical Council (TEC).
While the size of the trsg underground fluctuated over its thirteen-year history and although its exact configuration is difficult to determine, by the mid-1980s its composition roughly entailed a core group of fifteen people, a secondary tier of about the same number of volunteers who were used regularly, and a tertiary tier (of about twenty individuals) who were willing to help.
In the practices of trsg, the relay of refugees across the border (called "runs") were split into two parts involving two separate parties.(18) Typically, a trsg run would involve a "Mexican team" who would drive to a city in northern Mexico, pick up the Central Americans, and drive them back to a safehouse dose to, but still on, the Mexican side of border.
Because these crossings took refugees and Sanctuary workers into isolated parts of the desert, trsg members developed a careful system of land-marking and timing, and were solicitous to update each other continuously on changes in the desert landscape.
Such became clear in interviews conducted among members of Tucson's trsg underground between 1990 and 1992: