TRSSThe Real Slim Shady (Eminem song)
TRSSTactical Remote Sensor System
TRSSTraining Support Squadron
TRSSToken Ring Subsystem
TRSSTax-Related Stress Syndrome
TRSSTeleoperator and Robotic System Simulation
TRSSThailand Remote Sensing System
TRSSTriple Screw Steamship
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Modern TRSs are made up of nickel-based super-alloys that perform well at high temperatures.
Tabela 1 Valores das taxas de Residuos Solidos de Servicos de Saude (TRSS) Classificacao Grupo Limite (kg/dia) Pequenos Geradores de RSS EGRS Especial 20 Grandes Geradores de RSS EGRS 1 20 ate 50 EGRS 2 50 ate 160 EGRS 3 160 ate 300 EGRS 4 300 ate 650 EGRS 5 Acima de 650 Classificacao Grupo Valor mensal (R$) Pequenos Geradores de RSS EGRS Especial 88,17 Grandes Geradores de RSS EGRS 1 2.807,31 EGRS 2 8.983,37 EGRS 3 16.843,81 EGRS 4 36.494,95 EGRS 5 44.916,85 Classificacao Grupo Valor trimestral (R$) Pequenos Geradores de RSS EGRS Especial 264,51 Grandes Geradores de RSS EGRS 1 8.421,93 EGRS 2 26.950,11 EGRS 3 50.531,43 EGRS 4 109.484,85 EGRS 5 134.750,55 Fonte: Adaptado de Prefeitura de Sao Paulo (2015).
It has become increasingly evident that TRSs have significant roles to play in the rehabilitation of individuals with SCI.
Para executar as suas atividades, o Sistema de Saude da Marinha e composto de trss subsistemas: o Subsistema Assistencial; o Subsistema Medico-Pericial; e o Subsistema Logistico de Saude.
The magnitude of difference from baseline in TRSS seen at 1 year in those who received 4 doses and those who received placebo was maintained at 2 years (-5.87 vs.
A tennis serve ball speed test conducted 2-4 minutes after the completion of all the warming up methods took approximately 20-35 minutes (TRAD 20 min, TRSS 35 min, TRDE 32 min and TRPLYO 34 min).
Peiminine Total SI 659.83 [+ 1800.70 or -] 1,79 S2 387.24 [+ 1043.84 or -] 0.73 S3 453.31 [+ 1337.51 or -] 3.21 S4 71.56 [+ 304.50 or -] 072 55 446.30 [+ 1298.81 or -] 1.01 S6 tr 79.10 57 438.10 [+ 1156.30 or -] 0.97 S8 560.87 [+ 1514.28 or -] 1.26 S9 363.53 [+ 982.70 or -] 0.44 S10 trss 42.25 Note: Values are given as mean values [+ or -] SD [n - 3).
9.2[grados], 39, 49, 50) Preceptos desarrollados, entre otras, por leyes como las de: Integracion Social de Minusvalidos (LISMI, 1982), Sanidad (LGS, 1986), Pensiones no Contributivas (LPNC, 1990), reforma de Seguridad Social (TRSS, 1994), Proteccion del Menor (LOPJM, 1996), Conciliacion de Vida Familiar y Laboral (1999), Cohesion y Calidad del Sistema Nacional de Salud (LCCSNS, 2003) e Igualdad de Oportunidades, No Discriminacion y Accesibilidad Universal (LIONDAU, 2003).
Marines' Tactical Remote Sensor System (TRSS) will allow a reconnaissance patrol to image armed individuals even through a wall, and can also be deployed in remote areas as an unattended ground sensor for persistent surveillance.
SUED The Children's Investment Fund (TCI), a hedge fund seeking to elect its nominees to CSX's board, alleging that it had violated Section 13(d) of the Exchange Act by failing to disclose its beneficial ownership of more than 5% of CSX's common stock pursuant to total return swaps (TRSs).
L-3 provides the Encoder Transmitter Unit II (ETU-II), the modernized seismic/acoustic Sensor replacement for the US Marine Corps' legacy ETU and ETU/SID, which is part of the AN/GSQ257 Unattended Ground Sensor set of the Tactical Remote Sensor Systems (TRSS).
He added that research is increasingly becoming essential for both local investors as well as international investors who can now access the Saudi market through TRSs.