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TRSVTobacco Ringspot Virus
TRSVTubing Retrievable Safety Valve (oil and gas industry)
TRSVTransport Systems Research Vehicle
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ELISA was used with commercial reagents to independently test for PVX, PVY, PVM, PVA, PVS, PLRV, PMTV, PAMV, PVV, PVT, APLV, APMoV and TRSV. The presence of the following viruses was determined: PVX (77 %), PAMV (62 %), PLRV (42 %), TRSV (42 %), PVT (39 %), PVV (37 %), PMTV (31 %), PVY (30 %), PVS (19 %), PVM (13 %), PVA (8 %), and APMoV (8 %).
Tambien se han informado para Costa Rica el "Tobacco mosaic virus" (TMV) y el "Tobacco ringspot virus" (TRSV) (Solis 1989).
Los principales objetivos de este trabajo fueron determinar la presencia, incidencia y distribucion de los virus TRSV, PMTV, PVV, PVT, APMoV, APLV y PAMV en tres zonas altitudinales, en la region de mayor produccion de papa; ademas comparar la prevalencia actual de los virus PVX, PVY, PLRV, PVA, PVS, PVM con la encontrada durante 1998.
Bud blight is the most severe symptom of TRSV infection in soybean, but vein necrosis, flower and pod abortion, and stunting also can be common.
Hartman, 2002, unpublished data) and causes similar symptoms on soybean to TRSV, including bud necrosis.
The objectives of this study were: (i) to screen the major ancestral lines of NA soybean cultivars for resistance to BPMV, SMV strains G1 and G5, TRSV, and TSV; and (ii) to check registration articles for all public cultivars released through 2002, record pedigree information for all cultivars cited as being resistant, and evaluate the responses to infection by SMV strains G1 and G5 of selected public cultivars that were reported to be SMV-resistant.
In Arabidopsis thaliana, genetic studies revealed the identification of a single incompletely dominant locus (TTR1) controlling resistance to TRSV (Lee et al., 1996a).
The plots were naturally infected with TRSV. On the basis of observation of the plots containing the susceptible parent PI 416937, the infestation was uniform throughout the experiment.
Plants were naturally infected with TRSV. On the basis of observation of the plots containing the susceptible parent, the infestation was uniform across the experiment.