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trichomed) 1 1543.5(**) Trichomed genotype (among TrTr, Trtr, and TrTr)([double dagger]) 2 2.9 Female x phenotypes 1 58.9(**) Female x trichomed genotypes 2 0.7 Y x hybrids 7 20.9(**) Y x female parents 1 1.1 Y x phenotypes 1 134.5(**) Y x trichomed genotypes 2 0.4 Y x females x phenotypes 1 10.1 Y x females x trichomed genotypes 2 0.0 Pooled error 56 4.9 Mean squares ([dagger]) Grain yield (kg [[ha.sup.-1]).sup.2] x [10.sup.-3] Years (Y) 1071(**) Replications/Y 553(**) Hybrids 465(**) Female parents (Tiff 90DBE vs.
([double dagger]) Trtr hybrid was produced on a TrTr female; their trTr hybrid was produced on a trtr female.
Source of variation Smut severity([dagger]) Grain yield % florets kg [ha.sup.-1] Female parent Tift 90DBE 68.6 a([double dagger]) 2036 Tift 8677 79.0 b 2110 Phenotype Trichomeless 41.6 a 2210 a Trichomed 83.6 b 2027 b Trichomed genotype([sections]) TrTr 85.7 2201 a trTr 81.2 2063 ab Trtr 83.6 1818 b ([dagger]) Disease data of inoculated panicles were transformed to log (smut severity + 0.05) prior to analysis and mean separation.
([sections]) Trtr hybrid was produced on a TrTr female; the trTr hybrid was produced on a trtr female.
However, in this study smut resistance was a recessive trait observed only in homozygous trtr plants.
He and other TRTR members asked NRC last week to at least let universities pay their bills over an extended period.
To date, the only encouragement TRTR has received came Aug.
Hoping to eliminate the new fees altogether, TRTR members are seeking support from a number of scientific groups.