TRTTTactical Record Teletypewriter
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At a given LAI, slight variation in TRTT was observed among different planting densities especially when LAI was lower than 0.
Thus, we can infer that planting density had little effect on the relationship between TRTT and LAI; similar findings were reported by Zhong et al.
2), TRTT remained nearly constant (~1) at a lower RSPAD (RSPADless than-3), and decreased with the increase of RSPAD when RSPADgreater than -3.
To our knowledge, this is the first report on the concept of TRTT and on the quantitative relationship between TRTT and RSPAD in rice crop.
936 in this study) of TRTT at lower RSPAD (RSPAD less than -3) in both experiments (Exp.
Based on the stable quantitative relationship between TRTT and RSPAD, and the "synchronously emerging characteristics" of tillers, we presented a tiller-increasing model and validated it using data drawn from a wide range of plant densities and N inputs in two filed experiments.