TRU-DTotal Room Ultraviolet Disinfector (Lumalier Corporation)
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In the study, VCU set a goal of 90% utilization of the Tru-D robots for high risk rooms.
An automated, no-touch disinfection robot, Tru-D is brought into a room after ES staff cleans using traditional methods.
The company said that Tru-D is the only portable UVC disinfection system on the market with Sensor360 technology.
In addition, Tru-D users are able to collect usage efficiency analytics through the robot's customized, secure cloud-based data tracking system, iTRU-D, which records and reports operational data to hospital staff.
Tru-D: Tru-D SmartUVC implements seamlessly into a hospital's OR work flow.
Tru-D: The use of UV-C disinfection devices, specifically Tru-D SmartUVC, has forced hospitals to reconsider their terminal room cleaning strategies.
US-based UV disinfection specialist Tru-D SmartUVC LLC has been awarded a US General Services Administration GSA Schedule contract through November 2019, the company said on Monday.
This newly formed agreement will allow Tru-D SmartUVC LLC to engage all levels of government purchasers, including Department of Veteran Affairs and Department of Defense medical facilities, as well as Homeland Security contacts purchasing solutions for the Ebola effort in West Africa.
Tru-D: UV light has been proven extremely effective in killing germs that cause hospital-acquired infections.
TRU-D SmartUVC collects and reports all real-time infection prevention data gathered by its Sensor360 technology into a webbased portal system, iTRU-D.
After looking at all of those factors and performing some testing, we selected the UVC disinfection machine, TRU-D. The decision to utilize this technology was made with the understanding that it did not replace our day-to-day manual disinfection of the hospital rooms.
Short for Total Room Ultraviolet Disinfector, TRU-D is the signature product of Lumalier the recognized leader in.