TRUCThe Rice University Computer
TRUCTestable, Re-Usable Unit of Cognition (software)
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The redemption of the RBC TruCS - Series 2013 units will be financed out of the general funds of RBC Capital Trust II.
As pounds 25, 000 prizewinner and Trucs sufferer Alexis Harding says: ``This is a work made within a set of limits that I can only discover by squeezing and pushing these limits to extremes: to present prosaic stuff in a moment of transformation, allowing one cohering structure to vanish while another emerges.
Moreover, the Maines fleet of lift trucs figures prominetly in helping this food distributor best serve its customers.
The AC trucs move pallet loads, averaging 2000 pounds each, from the press areas to picup by forlifts.
We chose trucs with the AC drive option to tae advantage of extended service cycles.
This type of forlift, says Carlson, "is one of the most versatile trucs I've seen.
Included are electric forlifts with a 6,000-lb load capacity and three-wheel cushion and pneumatic lift trucs with 3,000 or 3,500-lb capacities.
Because routine maintenance is just as important as quality equipment when it comes to operating efficiency, the forlift dealer leasing the vehicles services the West Plant lift trucs on a rotating basis.
Vice president of operations Christopher Miller says a forlift fleet with more than 60 lift trucs has created cost savings for Associated Grocers.
Ten 48-volt batteries were used on the sitdown trucs (two each); and ten of the 24-volt batteries (again, two per truc) powered the walies.
Gene Husted, operations manager at the Steele plant, says the trucs provide "maximum value for the minimum space" in which they must operate.
Class 4--IC-powered counterbalanced lift trucs equipped with cushion tires.