TRUFTransferable Revolving Underwriting Facility
TRUFTheoretically Required Urinary Flow
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Table 1: Correlation coefficients on the relationships among various indicators of father-adolescent relational qualities at a specific time and over time Time 1 Measures Time 2 Measures Total Sample PTRU TRUF RCF PTRU TRUF RCF TRUF .
First, while mutual trust between parents and their children (indexed by FTRU, TRUF, MTRU, and TRUM) was positively related to parental knowledge, the related variables were basically negatively related to other measures of parental behavioral control (except the correlation between TRUM and MMON).
Table 2 Inter-Relationships between Measures of Parental Behavioral Control and Measures of Parent-Child Relational Quality Variables FTRU TRUF SATF RCF FCRQ PKNO .