TRUNCTrunk Releases Urgently Needed Coalition (San Francisco, CA)
TRUNCTea Party & Republicans Uniting Nevada Conservatives (newspaper; est. 2011)
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If we set H = 2, then we have Trunc ([OMEGA], H) = {[p.sub.1], [p.sub.2]}.
Initial coverage is shown on either the "Init" or "Trunc Init" row, depending on whether there is likely to be earlier coverage truncated from the sample.
"Init" refers to recommendations that were definitively iterations while "Trunc Init" are those whose status is indeterminate due to truncated I/B/E/S coverage.
Like Virve, Eeriku generally avoided the vowel sequence non-low--low (that is, he observed a sequential constraint on vowel height, which we term SEQ) as well as nonharmonizing front-back vowel sequences (F/B), adapting words which fail to meet those constraints by the use of truncation (TRUNC) and metathesis (MET) as well as vowel harmony (VH).
alv C CH = consonant harmony; VH = vowel harmony; MET = metathesis, RED = reduplication; TRUNC = truncation b.
An electric cattle prod and a trunc he on were found in the villa near Benidorm where their bodies were buried beneath the cellar floor.
fstod " ALL [check] fqtod to integral value ceil > [check] floor < [check] trunc 0 rint ALL [check] to 32-bit integer = 0 [check] fdtoi lrint ALL ALL irint from 32-bit integer = ?
(14.)Thus TRUNC (t) is the "whole" part and FRAC(t) the "fractional" part of t represented as a reduced fraction.
TRUNC is the truncated regression without correction for price bias.
A possible analysis of TNT and -ata/-aca suffixation could be based on a constraint TRUNC = [sigma][sigma][sigma], which would account for the trisyllabic prosodic pattern shared by words like ecolo `environmentalist' and sociata `socialist'.
localprecon Arguments Block Type Explicit/ Implicit LP_LU none DENSE implicit LP_INVERSE none DENSE explicit LP SVD alpha1, alpha2 DENSE explicit LP_LU none CSR implicit LP_INVERSE none CSR explicit LP_RILUK level, omega CSR implicit LP_ILUT lfil, threshold CSR implicit LP_APINV TRUNC semibw CSR explicit LP_APINV BANDED semibw CSR explicit LP_APINV0 none CSR explicit LP_APINVS lfil CSR explicit LP_DIAG none CSR explicit LP_TRIDIAG none CSR implicit LP_SOR omega, iterations CSR implicit LP_SSOR omega, iterations CSR implicit LP_GMRES restart, tolerance CSR implicit LP_LU is an LU factorization with pivoting.