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TRUSTransrectal Ultrasound
TRUSTrumpeter Swan (bird species)
TRUSTiltwing/Rotor UAV System
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We conducted this prospective and randomized study to compare caudal block with IRLA plus PNB for TRUS guided prostate biopsy.
The rate of severe complications following TRUS biopsy are relatively low (Ecke et al.
9] were able to visualize the prostate by placing the TRUS probe onto the surface of the skin of the perineum.
Typically argon gas or liquid nitrogen is delivered for tumor freezing under TRUS guidance.
84 mL more than the measurement made by TRUS, which is wider than the predefined priori.
TRUS esliginde yapilan prostat biyopsisinin, ustun vasiflarina ragmen, invaziv ozellik tasimasi ve ozellikle de rektal yolla yapiliyor olmasi bir takim komplikasyonlari olasi hale getirmektedir.
For the remainder, TRUS was performed only if the serum PSA levels rose above 3.
In this study, we evaluated the ability of logistic regression (LR) and multilayer perceptron (MLP) to improve the diagnostic accuracy for prostate cancer by combining determinations of free and total PSA, DRE, TRUS, age, and a family history of prostate cancer.
The current TRUS procedure has limitations in target hit rate and accuracy.
A total of 39 patients with previous negative TRUS biopsy, but high clinical suspicion of occult prostate cancer, prospectively underwent prostate MRI including diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI).
Ancak TRUS ve MRG gibi yeni goruntuleme yontemlerinin rutin olarak kullanilmasiyla bu kistik yapilarin hem siniflandirilmalari hem de klinik ozellikleri yeniden tanimlanmistir.