TRUSPTransrectal Ultrasound of the Prostate
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For example, since most of the more recent trials examined flouroqinolones for TRUSP biopsy prophylaxis, our recommendations will imply that this class should remain our empiric choice.
Too often the urologist uses the TRUSP to target the prostate gland per se, rather than abnormal areas within the prostate.
(7) Color Doppler TRUSP has been demonstrated in various studies to be effective in the assessment qualification of CaP mortality risk.
(8) The sensitivity for diagnosing malignancy using TRUSP ultrasound has been found to vary between 86% and 90%; however, endorectal coil MRI is typically utilized when metastasis is suspect due to its finer, but stationary, resolution of the glandular margins.
Another ability for qualitative color Doppler TRUSP is to visualize and assess calculi and abscesses that often can cause chronic/recurrent prostatitis.
In fact, the whole staging system is currently in a state of redefinition because of the introduction of TRUSP and, especially, of PSA.
He'd had the complete workup: history and physical, blood work, TRUSP with biopsies, a radionucleotide bone scan for metastases, and a Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI).