TRWEThree Rivers Walk to Emmaus (Pennsylvania)
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Extending the poem's narrative dimensionality, the virtual field would then coexist with SGGK's intertextual field by means of which Gawain is confronted with his "other" romance-selves through the repeated accusations of the Lady and Bertilak that "he is not Gawain." (21) I suggest that, in part on account of its unintelligibility within its cultural and generic milieu, Gawain's choice is edited out of the narrative in Bertilak's revelatory speech; the Green Knight, a redoubtable inhabitant of the aristocratic order, will assess only Gawain's fidelity to the chivalric economy ("Trwe mon trwe restore" [2354]) while the virtual narrative space engendered contains only counter-chivalric possibilities.
Ho so wol seche trwe love Yn hyr hyt schal be founde.
Before proceeding to the next step of the game, the Green Knight stresses the importance of the rules by referring to them as a covenant: "And thou hatz redily rehersed, bi resoun ful trwe, / Clanly al the couenaunt that I the kynge asked" (392-93).