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TRYThe Reagan Years (band)
TRYTurkish New Lira (ISO currency code)
TRYThey Represent You (League of Women Voters)
TRYTaking Responsibility for Yourself (domestic violence assistance program)
TRYToronto, Ryerson, York (annual library staff conference; Canada)
TRYTomorrow's Really Yesterday
TRYTeach Reading to Youth
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I try to cure it, I think I have, and then it breaks out worse than ever.
He helped and comforted me, and showed me that I must try to practice all the virtues I would have my little girls possess, for I was their example.
Now, you needn't be lonely any more, and I'll try to fill Archie's place till he comes back, for I know he will, as soon as you let him."
They try to be fast, and think it's manly, and they flatter him, and lead him on to do all sorts of things play for money, and bet, and loaf about.
"I shall try not to be vexed when people interrupt me when I'm telling stories," wrote the Story Girl.
"I shall try to be cheerful and smiling all the time," wrote Cecily.
Then, going back to her thoughts, she rambled on again; "If he does n't take that hint, I will give him a stronger one, for I will not have matters come to a crisis, though I can't deny that my wicked vanity strongly tempts me to try and 'bag a bird' just for the excitement and credit of the thing.
It is a delicate and dangerous task, but I guess I can manage it; at any rate I 'll try, and have nothing to reproach myself with if things do go 'contrary.' "
Often they do that and try to see how close they can come without touching; sometimes the wheel bites off a sweep, and then the pilot sticks his head out and laughs, and thinks he's mighty smart.
It would catch his feet and try to trip him; it would build itself into a wall before him to beat him back; and he would fling himself into it, plunging like a wounded buffalo, puffing and snorting in rage.
It was of no use for them to try to deceive him; he knew as much about the situation as they did, and he knew that the family might literally starve to death.
She said she would try to hope again, she would get up and follow wherever he might lead if only he would not talk like that any more.