TSAGTelecommunication Standardization Advisory Group
TSAGTechnical Services Advisory Group (First Nations; Canada)
TSAGTamil Students' Association of Guelph (Canada)
TSAGTraining Strategy Advisory Group (UK)
TSAGTuberous Sclerosis Association of Greece (est. 1992)
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TSAG has raised enough money to build two homes this year.
Noting the name change, TSAG Chair, Dia Gainor, Chief of the Idaho State Emergency Medical Services Bureau, added, "The name's emphasis on 'transportation' readily identifies our focus on all aspects of surface transportation operations and safety.
TSAG Vice Chair, Colorado State Patrol Captain Raymond Fisher, representing the International Association of Chiefs of Police, added, "In advancing our TSAG charter, both ITS America and the U.
Despite several proposals tabled attempting to bridge the differences, the only way acceptable to all was to adopt the draft text that had been tabled at the outset and had been agreed upon by the TSAG.
In addition to matters identified by decision of Member States or recommended by TSAG, issues considered as having policy or regulatory implications include the right of the public to correspond, the protection of telecommunication installations, numbering and addressing resources, safety of life and practices applicable to competitive markets.
The Special Study Group will report on its activities and progress to each TSAG meeting.