TSAGTelecommunication Standardization Advisory Group
TSAGTechnical Services Advisory Group (First Nations; Canada)
TSAGTamil Students' Association of Guelph (Canada)
TSAGTuberous Sclerosis Association of Greece (est. 1992)
TSAGTraining Strategy Advisory Group (UK)
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The production of slime on TSAG (Figure 3(a)), however, did not seem to be related to the adhesion strength of these biofilms on microwell plates.
According to Makokis, over the years TSAG went after different requests for proposals looking for funding and was unsuccessful due to a lack of capacity and experience.
Habitat's model of people helping each other out proved to be a "perfect fit" culturally, said Makokis, a model that goes "back to their roots." TSAG has raised enough money to build two homes this year.
For further information, call Gary Fishman, chairman, Telecommunication Standardization Advisory Group (TSAG) at 732-949-3401 or visit http://www.itu.int.
The Telecommunication Standardization Advisory Group (TSAG) has reached an important agreement concerning the future work of the International Union's (ITU) Standardization Sector (ITU-T) on audiovisual multimedia services (AVMMS).
These include new delegation of authority to TSAG, leaner processes including the holding of "virtual" meetings by way of electronic means and a new fast-track approval procedure for technical standards.
WTSA also designated the chairman and vice-chairmen of TSAG and agreed to limit to approximately eight years (two mandates) the terms of office of all chairmen and vice-chairmen.
Despite several proposals tabled attempting to bridge the differences, the only way acceptable to all was to adopt the draft text that had been tabled at the outset and had been agreed upon by the TSAG.
In addition to matters identified by decision of Member States or recommended by TSAG, issues considered as having policy or regulatory implications include the right of the public to correspond, the protection of telecommunication installations, numbering and addressing resources, safety of life and practices applicable to competitive markets.
The Special Study Group will report on its activities and progress to each TSAG meeting.
* A phased approach would need to be adopted to determine what can be implemented in the short term by the WTSA and TSAG and what would require a decision of Council andlor the Plenipotentiary Conference.