TSAHCTexas State Affordable Housing Corporation
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Abbreviations ECM: Extracellular matrix EMT: Epithelial-mesenchymal transition FAK: Focal adhesion kinase ICL: Intracellular loop LEL: Long extracellular loop 2 PTM: Posttranslational modification SEL: Short extracellular loop 1 STAT3: Signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 [T.sub.5]ERM: TM4SF5-enriched microdomain TERM: Tetraspanin-enriched microdomain TSAHC: 4'-(p-Toluenesulfonylamido)-4-hydroxychalcone [alpha]-SMA: [alpha]-Smooth muscle actin.
Potential of TSAHC to inhibit the human cytochrome P450 2J2 isoform, JKSABC, 57(1): 31-34
TSAHC president, David Long, said : "Studies have shown that homebuyers who receive pre-purchase education are one-third less likely to fall behind on their mortgages by 90 days or more, compared to homebuyers who didn't take a homebuyer education course.
Those employees who are not eligible for TSAHC programs may get information on FHA, VA, USDA and other homebuying programs.
She studies the crime reports for her communities over the three months prior to a visit so that TSAHC can assist the community managers with overcoming challenges such as domestic violence or car thefts.