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(WY3Y5) Inputs (X) Student teacher ratio (STR) 17.20 2.69 Student support staff ratio (SSTR) 95.61 35.17 Average contract salary for teachers ($) (TSAL) 107,769 9507 Average contract salary for support staff ($) 75,873 20,836 (SSAL) Teaching experience (Years) (EXPR) 15.98 4.57 Student enrolment (FTE) (ENROL) 332 188 Total expenditure per student ($) (TEXPND) 10,175 2737 Socio-economic Variables (Z) Enrolled in English as a second language (%) 23.83 27.43 (ESL) Aboriginal students (%) (ABOR) 6.56 10.04 Special education students (%) (SPLED) 4.34 4.52 Parental socio-economic index (ICSEA) 1005 92 Secondary Schools (Observations = 1113) Output (Y) Weighted Composite Score for 7th 553 44.23 and 9th Gr.
The CVST indicators that differentiated the most were, first, the difference in the response times in display sizes with 32 and 4 distractors ([RT.sub.32-4]), which is one of the better measures of selective attention failures because it reflects a decrease in performance as the number of distractors increases (Tsal et al., 2005).
Taking all this into account, we aimed to investigate the effects of job strain and burnout on mood and on the activity of the HPA and HPG axes, by means of Csal and Tsal, respectively, in a group of female teachers during two different working days.
Este mecanismo de selecao ficou conhecido como Modelo da Carga Perceptual (Lavie, 1995; Lavie & Cox, 1997; Lavie & Tsal, 1994) e considera, em linhas gerais, que a carga perceptual e determinante para o tipo de selecao dos estimulos contidos em um campo visual (selecao precoce ou tardia).
Possibly, these results may be due to a population with greater cognitive reserve (Stern, Albert, Tang, & Tsal, 1999) such that the harmful effects of poly substance use is not captured in these tasks.
A possibilidade de que a atencao afetaria a percepcao de tamanho e apoiada por alguns trabalhos, que evidenciam que ela pode modificar o tamanho percebido (Masin, 1999; Tsal & Shalev, 1996) ou a sua variabilidade (Prinzmetal & Wilson, 1997).
O efeito significativo da interacao de quarto grau (Tsal * Ds * Hidra * Arm), (Tabela 1) indicou a inter-relacao entre os fatores testados, ou seja, os tipos de sal, as doses, o tempo de hidratacao e o tempo de armazenamento, influenciaram de forma positiva o tempo de coccao independentemente do efeito do genotipo, pois apresentaram reducao da coccao.
[2] Kohlenberg, Tsal, Ferro, Aguayo, Fernandez, & Vlrues (2005) refieren que es incierto el uso del acronimo en ingles (ACT) o castellano (TAC).
However, Lavie (1995), Lavie and Tsal (1994), and Lavie and Cox (1997) have more recently suggested that differences in the paradigms used for either view are responsible for the different results and further have suggested that a resolution to this debate between the two views may be found if a hybrid model of attention that combines aspects from both is considered.
(23) Khra gling dgon pa (Thub bstan bshad sgrub nor bu'i dga' tsal bkra shis ldan gling) is a rnying ma monastery, a branch of Kah thog dgon pa.