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TSAPITelephony Services Api
TSAPITelephony Services Application Programming Interface (Novell)
TSAPITexas State Association of Plumbing Inspectors (Grand Prairie, TX)
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TAPI appears to have the edge with developers, while TSAPI enjoys better support from PBX vendors.
the encouraging, news is that the members of Versit also belong to the Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum, which is working to make sure that applications developed for TSAPI will be able to work, without any changes, on TAPI computer-telephony implementations, and vice versa.
The TSAPI trial involved the enrollment counselors, but the capability will be extended to agents in other areas.
Essentially, TSAPI helps provide a relatively inexpensive switch-to-database link that is cost-effective for smaller call centers.
Novell and AT&T have upgraded TSAPI to support NetWare 4.