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TSATTransformational Satellite
TSATT-Carrier Small Aperture Terminal
TSATTransferrin Saturation
TSATSaturation Temperature
TSATTarget Start-Up Approval Time (air traffic control)
TSATT-1 Rate Small Aperture Terminal
TSATTactical-Situation-Assessment Technology
TSATTechnical Skills & Aptitude Toolbox (The Training Solutions Group, Inc., and the Alliance for Employee Growth and Development, Inc.)
TSATTelemetry and Data Transfer via Satellite (Norwegian wireless system provider)
TSATThe Sick and Tired (gaming group)
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Mean values (Mean [+ or -] sd) of Hgb, Hct, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RBC, RDW, WBC, Plt, iron, TIBC, ferritin, and TSAT according to sex are given in Table 1.
Transferrin was measured by the Nitro-so-PSAP test, and TSAT was calculated as serum iron-TIBC.
If the patient has anemia and is not receiving iron or ESA therapy, consider a trial of IV iron if 1) an increase in Hgb concentration without starting ESA treatment is desired; and 2) TSAT is 30% or less, and ferritin is 500 ng/mL or less.
Absolute iron deficiency (AID) (ferritin less than 150 ng/ ml and TSAT less than 20%), was observed in 1 (5%); 3 (15%), 4 (20%) and 5 (25%) in patients groups I, II, IV and V, respectively.
Iron Give a 1-3 month trial of Administer iron to indices oral iron if TSAT is [less maintain TSAT>20% than or equal to]30% and and ferritin >100 ferritin is [less than or [micro]g/L.
The military's newest satcom constellation, the WGS, is regarded as a temporary filler for TSAT.
WIN-T Increment 4 will provide these capabilities as the TSAT constellation is brought on line.
Furthermore, the low TSAT in ACD is a reflection of the decreased levels of serum iron.
However, the selection of TSAT as a research topic and completion of this study was not possible without the help of Lt Col James Rothenflue.