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28 K'a beh yaw kah pi-aw g'a doe doe -eu tsaw ha daw taw lu, nga jaw ga la -aw Nga naw ma -ah g'a na
LS t'aNt'aN, LH sala, Ca tsaw, Su di-mak, Ul ma:-mak, Mi nana (a), Pa tawas[??]., Ra ki:[??]kat, Gua ko:lo (b), Bor i[??]sa, Bri kuli[??] (c), Cab kuli (c), Te bi[??]do, Mo r[??]r[??] (a), Boc siroska, Dor pole (ch), Cu tukkarwala, Co 'gagla (b), Ica 'ga[??]ni (b), Da 'gana (b), Chi 'ruggwa[??], Mu gi (b), Tun 'ja[??]nkukara, Ba bo:[grados] (ch).
In sadness and longing, thus concludes the First Half (Ib tsaws txwm 1) of the First Pair (Ib txwm I) of four pairs of verses, each couplet clearly numbered onscreen to correspond to the book's transcriptions of the two pairs of verses (p.
The use of the equipment have been to establish 20 automatic weather stations and five all-in-one Total Solutions Automatic Weather Stations (TSAWS), with a lightening detection system installed in Napak, Kaliro, Kotido, Sironko and Agago districts.