TSAXTenor Saxophone
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Upper Necaxa Totonac (15) istaaklma:stuni istumi:nkan ispuska:tkan [tu: tsax sma:n natali:wa pulki] is--ta-aklma:stu--ni is--tumi:n-kan is--puska:t-kan [tu: tsax PAST--3PL.SUB--set.aside--BEN 3POSS--money--PL.PO 3POSS--wife--PL.PO NREL only sma:n na-ta-li:--wa pulki [O.sub.SO]] only FUT-3PL.SUB--INST-eat pulque __ 'They hid some of their money from their wives which they would use to drink pulque.' The relative clause in (15), tu: tsax sma:n natali:wa pulki 'which they would use to drink pulque', modifies the noun istumi:nkan 'their money', the secondary object of the embedded verb, but is separated from it by the NP ispuska:tkan 'their wives'.
Upper Necaxa Totonac (23) po?l kintama?alakawan [ti: tsax sma:n tali:tatse?a tsama ?awacan istsi:kan] po?l kin-ta-ma?a-laka-wan [ti: tsax sma:n fed.up 1OBJ-3PL.SUB-STM-face-say HREL just only ta-li:--ta-tse?--a tsama ?awaca--n is--tsi:--kan] 3PL.SUB--INST-DCS-hide--IMPF that boy-PL 3POSS-mother-PL.PO 'Those boys that hide behind their mother('s skirts) really bother me.' Here the head of the construction is ?awacan 'boys'.