TSBRTexas Society for Biomedical Research (est. 1989)
TSBRTestis-Specific Binding Region
TSBRTuesday South Bay Runs (musical group; Hong Kong)
TSBRTop Sliding Bundle Riser (product)
TSBRToledo Sportbike Riders (Toledo, OH)
TSBRTotal Support Burden Ratio
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TSBR Board of Directors and volunteers will rise to the challenge of representing our beloved breeds and are proud to take the next step in assuring their futures by being the Bird Dog Jamborees 2014 benefactor.
com)-- This summer, TSBR is partnering with Petfinder in a Summer Pet Safety campaign to ensure all pet parents are equipped with the proper information to keep their furry friends cool, happy and safe throughout the summer.
TSBR will be sharing these graphics and tips for keeping pets safe all summer.