TSCETelecom Service Creation Environment
TSCETotal Ship Computing Environment
TSCETwo-Stage Clonal Expansion (cancer research)
TSCETàijíquán School of Central Equilibrium (UK)
TSCETrusted Software Capability Evaluation (usually seen as T-SCE)
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In order to coordinate with the curriculum of the original class, we randomly selected 100 participants from three classes out of 13 classes in the 5th grade, and randomly assign 34 students for the TCE group, 32 students for the TSCE group, and 34 students for TSME group.
According to the approach adopted for example integration, the students were divided into TCE, TSCE, and TSME groups.
The influence of example integration method on basic inpainting capabilities was significant ([F.sub.(2,83)] = 10.106, p < .001), and the influence of example integration method on splitting capabilities was non-significant ([F.sub.(2,83)] = 1.975, p = .145), indicating that the basic inpainting capabilities of learners receiving TSME (M = 3.513) was significantly better than those receiving TCE (M = 2.662) and TSCE (M = 2.825), and no significant difference was observed in the splitting capabilities of learners using various approaches to example integration.
The effects of advanced inpainting ([F.sub.(2,83)] = 9.096, p < .001) and operational thinking ([F.sub.(2,83)] = 4.691, p = .012) reached the level of significance, indicating that these capabilities were stronger among learners receiving TSCE, compared to those receiving TCE or TSCE.
The influence of the example integration method on learning enjoyment was significant ([F.sub.(2,83)] = 3.8 1 5, p = .026), indicating that learning enjoyment was greater among learners receiving TSCE (M = 4.03) than those receiving TCE (M = 3.43) or TSME (M = 3.59).
Learning performance and attitudes toward mathematics were compared among students who had received TCE, TSCE, and TSME.
During the research, the energy intensity in Guangdong reduces year by year, decreasing from 1.15 (tsce) per 10,000 yuans (RMB) in 1995 to 0.72 (tsce) per 10,000 yuans in 2011, which indicates that technical level in Guangdong has greatly improved.