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As Tseen Khoo points out in Overland 164, one fear being deliberately mobilised is over whether asylum seekers are potentially 'good' or even 'real' Australians.
As Jacqueline Lo, Tseen Khoo and Helen Gilbert have noted: 'Whether they are migrants, refugees or Australian-born, Asian-Australians may have difficulty identifying themselves as beneficiaries of [Australia's] colonial heritage, especially if they come from countries that were also colonised by White societies in the past.
In an earlier issue of Hecate, Tseen Khoo provided an introductory survey of the current field of Asian Australian literature in her article 'Who are we talking about?' Khoo takes the important first step of defining the parameters of the category 'Asian Australian women's writing' and its criteria for entry.
Other work worth consulting on Yahp's novel includes Lyn Jacob's article 'Ancestral Furies,' 153-64; Tseen Ling Khoo, 'So What the Hell Are You Still Angry About?: Asian-Australian Women Writers 1980-1995,' MA thesis, U of Queensland, 1996; and Cathy Bennett 'The Asian-Australian Migrant Experience in Australian Literature 1965-95,' PhD thesis, U of Western Australia, 1996.
In writing it I have had the benefit of advice and information from a number of readers and critics, in particular, Adam Aitken, Pam Brown, Tseen Ling Khoo, Susan Lever and Warrick Wynne.